Thursday, May 11, 2017

Room 9 News~ May 12

Room 9 loves Gonoodle! We regularly visit the website, when we need to get up and move. There are guided dancing, calming, and indoor recess videos to move to. This week, we learned to do the dap, with a dap dance video.

​The week of May 22nd will be our Walk & Roll (Walk, Bike & Roll to School) event.  During this
week we will be encouraging children and families to walk and bike to school.  PTO will be handing out raffle tickets, to children walking or biking, for prize drawings. This will be a great way to get a little extra exercise to get in shape for the Jogathon!

The 2nd and 3rd grade Spotlight Music program is coming up on Thursday, May 25th. 2nd grade will perform first at 6:30, followed by 3rd grade at 7:15.
In order for students to get lined up  and ready for the spotlight, please have them to our classroom by 6:15. You may pick your child up in our classroom after the performance.


The jogathon is coming up on Thursday, June 1st. That means there are still three weeks to gather pledges. After the jogathon you can begin collecting the pledged money and turn it in as early as possible to be eligible for prize drawings.
Our class will jog from 12:45 to 1:05 and then take a ten-minute refreshment break right after. You are welcome to come and cheer for our class or, If you would like to help mark lap cards, we would really appreciate that too.

Olivia is a star because she loves people. Her favorite things are the color pink,
cats, apples, and basketball. She likes recess and math at school. At home she likes to play on her trampoline and watch Disney. Olivia's super-cool facts are; "I can skip 2 or 3 bars at a time on the monkey bars. I can dribble a basketball with one hand. I am an aunt." Olivia would like to work with animals when she grows up.
Riley is a star because he cares for people by taking them to the health room when they get hurt. His favorite things are the color blue, rabbits, pizza, baseball and math. Riley's favorite book is Skylanders. At home, he likes to play on his X-box 360. Riley's super-cool facts are; "I run fast. I can catch a baseball. I play basketball." Riley would like to be a cop when her grows up.

Friday, May 12~ Early Release at 12:30
Friday, May 19~ Popcorn Day
Monday-Friday, May 22-26~ Walk and Roll to School Week
Thursday, May 25th~ 2nd and 3rd Grade Spotlight Music Program
Friday, May 26th~ Early Release at 12:30
Monday, May 29th~ No School- Memorial Day
Thursday, June 1st~ Jogathon

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Room 9 News~ April 21

Reading- Next week we will begin our chapter book unit with a fun story called, The Cool Crazy Crickets. From now until the end of the year I will be encouraging students to become “voracious” readers of chapter books. The goal is to find a series (Magic Tree House, Wimpy Kid, A to Z Mysteries, etc.) or an author that they love and will be motivated to read over the summer. There are hundreds of chapter books to choose from in our classroom library, so there should be something for everyone. The Springfield Library has the same chapter book series and many more. Summer is a great time to visit the library.
Math- Students are practicing addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers with regrouping, and counting money up to $5.

The Ridgeview Jog-a-thon is about a month away but will hold our kick-off assembly on Friday to get students fired up. If they return their completed sponsorship/verification forms by the due date, students will earn a Jog-a-thon t-shirt to wear while running in the Jog-a-thon. For more information, please read the information and envelope that was will be sent home on Friday.

Students are becoming even more tech savvy with the new communication platforms, Padlet and Kidblog. I learned about these cool computer tools at the technology conference I attended last month and am so impressed with how students have embraced them! Please check out the Padlet and Kidblog links on the sidebar to the right to see what your children are talking about. Stay tuned for more information about how you can communicate with your child and our class through Kidblog. 

Jordyn is a star because she helps people and enjoys taking care of people.
Her favorite things are: the color red, cats, soccer, math, and playing on her Kindle Fire. Jordyn's super-cool facts are; "I run really fast. #Akira. I am nice. #Fae I can do a cartwheel. #Mckenzie." Jordyn would like to be a police officer when she grows up.
Mira is a star because she is good at soccer. She shows others she cares by letting them play with her. Mira's favorite things are the color blue, elephants, ham, and math. Her favorite book is, The Book with No Pictures. She likes to play on her Kindle at home. Mira's super-cool facts are; "I play soccer. I have good eyesight. I find agates." She would like to be a vet when she grows up.

Friday, April 28~ Early Release at 12:30
                             Jogathon Kick-Off Assembly
Friday, May 5~ Jogathon Verification Forms due
                          Popcorn Day

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Room 9 News~ April 7

I enjoyed reading students' Writers Notebooks describing what they did over the break. They went roller skating, swimming at Splash!, to the movies, played video games, visited grandparents, had sleepovers with friends and so much more. Special reading awards were earned by Aaron, Bella, Mira, Keslee, Bailey, Lily, Devin and Olivia for turning in reading logs for the break.

Students watched a video about Ukranian egg painting, and then created their own Pysanky eggs, in the Ukranian style.

Leeanna is a star because she is nice and kind to her friends. Her favorite things are the color red, cats, artichokes, and football. She likes to do math at school and play on her phone at home. Her favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. Her super-cool facts are; "I broke my arm when I was 2. I danced at the state fair. I collect roses too." Leeanna would like to be a teacher when she grows up. 
Lily is a star becauseshe loves to do art. She shows others she cares by helping them when they are crying. Her favorite things are the colors pink and turquoise, kittens, puppies, cheetahs, bread sticks, gymnastics, and soccer. At school, she likes to do art. At home she likes to make music on her mom's iphone. Lily's super-cool facts are; "I can run really fast. I collect a lot of rocks. I love Paris." When she grows up, Lily would like to be a veterinarian.

Friday, April 7~ April Book Orders Due
Friday, April 14~ Early Release at 12:30                     

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Room 9 News: Special Edition

Read-A-Thon Celebration!

We are celebrating our successful read-a-thon with a school wide Movie and Popcorn Party! This year we will be watching SING (PG) Friday, March 24. For more information about this movie, please check out Common Sense Media’s review at:

Please let your classroom teacher know if you do not want your child participating in the movie.

Congratulations on your child’s Read-A-Thon Reading!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Room 9 News~ March 20

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Our halls and walls are bursting with artwork by room 9 students. Take a look.


Hooray for spring! We are finally seeing some sunshine and warmer weather. With the change in temperature, it's fun to change what we wear to school. Shorts, t-shirts, and sandals are much more comfortable to wear at this time of year. If your child wears sandals, flip-flops or other open-toed shoes to school though, they will be asked to stay on the blacktop at recess time. They may not play on swings, or climbing equipment due to the safety hazard of getting toes caught in the play structures. They will also not be permitted to participate in PE. We have had one injury so far this year. So, it would be best to continue wearing safe, close-toed shoes to school to be able to fully participate in recess and PE.

Landon is a star because he helps. He shows others he cares by letting them play with him. Landon's favorite things are the color red, lions, pizza, soccer and math. He likes to read Flat Stanley books. At home he likes to play games. Landon's super-cool facts are; "I had lip surgery. I can build a Lego skyscraper. I have a good imagination." When Landon grows up he would like to be a police officer.

I have been invited to attend a three-day technology conference for teachers in Portland this Wednesday through Friday. I will be learning new ways to integrate technology into all areas of our curriculum and how to better engage students with technology in the classroom. Mrs. Pope, the Science Lady, will again be our guest teacher. She really enjoyed working with room 9 students in January, and is looking forward to returning.

Friday, March 24th- Readathon Movie/Popcorn Reward
Friday, March 24th- Friday, March 31st- Spring Break 
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